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Introduction Welcome to Robin's Nest Quilting. I have loved fabric and sewing since I was, well, little. It started with Barbie clothes and has just gone up from there (where else could it go??) I love fabric, but that love also spills over to yarn, then paper goods. The more unique it is, the more I drool (oo, sorry). I've been married to the same wonderful man since 1981. We have two daughters that we are oh so proud of. They have husbands that we are just as proud of. My favorite oldest daughter (MFOD) has two boys of her own. I couldn't love them more. My favorite youngest daughter (MFYD) has one son. I'm sure that there will be more….right?? He is the joy of my life, too. Hubby and I still have little ones at home, two toy poodles. They LOVE to cuddle. OH and YAP! Thank you for sharing my blog with me. I love to create and love to know that you enjoy sharing in my creations. If you stop by, please say hi. :-)

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