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Long Time, No See?

Anyone still out there? Last time I wrote on this blog, I had just sold my ETSY shoppe. That was over 3 years ago!! Guess what!  I opened another shoppe. I seriously LOVE having an ETSY shoppe. Life is different than it was 3 years ago & I’m keeping the shoppe a bit smaller. You can find it here. I’ve named this one Happy Valley Mercantile 😊

The grandkids are older & we’ve added one since I last wrote. 5 in total. They are the joy of my life ❤️!


If you are still out there, leave me a comment to let me know! I will eventually be doing a giveaway, just to get acquainted again ☺️ My FaceBook page has a special on Pink Lemonade fabric. Just for my FaceBook followers. $4.99 per yard!

Check them out!

~robin 😊


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Did any of you make it to Quilt Market in Portland?  I’m so kicking myself for not asking who was going BEFORE Quilt Market.  I would LOVE to have met you in person!

May has been the busiest month of the year for my family since 1985.  This year was NO exception.  Not only did Quilt Market get added to the calendar, another BIRTHDAY was added, too!

Meet Lucy.  My new granddaughter!  EEEEEEK!!!  🙂


Lucy Pearl 5/26/13 5:10am 7 lbs 10 ozs 21″ long


“They” say that she looks like me.  Okay, maybe.  I see her brother, her father, her mother, & myself.  Funny how one adorable little girl can look like SO many people!     Life is good….


As for Quilt Market…I’m betting that you have seen TONS of pictures from others by now.  Moda has some great pictures here.



Here are just a few that I took:

Heather Bailey real grass

Heather Bailey in front of her larger than life stitchery


new stitchery pattern


gorgeous paisley stitchery


new iron on stitchery pattern


I took this because of the color scheme.  I’m not sure who “Contempo” is.  They might be part of Free Spirit or Westminister Fabrics.




New From Bird Brain


3 Chicks Creative Turn of the Century inspired embroidery patterns

This is beautiful!  The detail is STUNNING.  I’m so sorry that the picture does NOT do it justice.

IMG_2464 IMG_2463


Last, but CERTAINLY not least…here is the REASON that I wanted to go to Quilt Market this year:


Tim Holtz!!!!


Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz


I NEED this chair!


Yummy pre-cuts! The single FQ’s rolled up in the drawer were FREE!!!

Have I lost you when I mention Tim Holtz?  I have loved Tim’s products for many years.  Up until THIS Quilt Market, Tim has been in the Scrapbooking arena.  He FINALLY decided to join his piers & try his hand at fabric design!  I. AM. SO. HAPPY!


Look for items in my ETSY shoppe made from his fabrics in the near future.


~  robin 🙂



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Are any of you, my readers, going to Spring Quilt Market in Portland??  I’m so excited that it is right in my backyard!  Today was a quilt shop tour from 9am-5:30pm.  I didn’t go to that, cuz, well…

Tomorrow there are several seminars to help with running a successful business.  Since I have sold my business, I plan to go to the “Schoolhouse Series” from 10am-6pm.  Schoolhouse is like a musical chairs of sorts.  Vendors set up tables to show off what they have that is new & WHY your customers will want it.  🙂  I learn a lot at the Schoolhouse Series whenever I go.

Here’s a picture that Timeless Treasures {one of my MOST favorite fabric makers} posted on their FaceBook page.

Timeless Treasures


Just LOOK at those crates!!  Can you imagine what it takes to get things SHIPPED to Quilt Market?  Holy Cow!


HERE’S what I’ll be looking for:  Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz!  I’ve LOVED his scrapbooking line from day one.  Now he has FABRIC!!!



This picture is WAY too small.  If you go HERE, you can see them close up.

ME?  I plan to see them UP CLOSE & PERSONAL on Friday!  🙂


Stay tuned!  I’ll be sharing my Quilt Market Adventure with you all in the days to come.


~  robin 🙂

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What are YOU doing today?  So glad it’s Friday?  Yes!

It’s a gorgeous, sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest.  We don’t get many like this so it’s SUCH a treasure!

I broke down & bought a walking foot for my Bernina. At least it was on sale…eek!  Put it on my machine today to stitch binding on my “cuddle” blankets.  I must say, I’m pretty happy that I spent the money.  It was a DREAM to sew.


I’m not sure if you can tell, but there is. not. one. pucker. when I get to the end!  SCORE!


no puckers!


Do you have a tool that you spent MORE than you wanted to on, but were glad that you did??


~  robin 🙂

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I joined my husband & MFOD {my favorite oldest daughter} for a business trip to Colorado last week.  The business was for my husband.  MFOD is the book keeper for my husband’s business, so she joined him for one of his quarterly meetings.  I went along so that I could have uninterrupted sewing time.  Yep, I took my sewing machine so that I could sew in our hotel room during the meetings.  I LOVE to do this.  My husband gets me to go with him & I get sewing time. 🙂


This little Janome fits into a rolling carry on bag very nicely with room for my laptop & my sewing project.

This trip I pulled out a UFO from…well…I have no idea.  You know what I mean, right?



It’s called “Northern Comfort”.  It was a Christmas gift from MFOD many a few Christmas’ ago.


northern comfort by the pine needle

I actually did pretty good, until I made a mistake & stopped.



Yeah, you can’t see my mistake because I took the picture BEFORE I made the mistake! 🙂

Good thing that I brought hand work for the airplane…



Why, YES!  Another UFO 🙂

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I have more time to devote to my long arm quilting business these days.  This is a good thing, considering that I have 5 customer quilts just waiting to be quilted.  One is actually ON the frame in the midst of being quilted.  Only one row has been finished.  This quilt is pretty straight forward & I am using my FAVorite quilting pattern on it.  It’s called “Vicki’s Feather”.




This NEXT quilt, however, won’t be so straight forward.  In fact, I’m a little, um, afraid of it.

Look at ALL of that white space!  This one will need to be custom quilt.  NOT a computer generated design.




Any suggestions?????

~ robin 🙂

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As I mentioned in my last post, I have sold my Robin’s Nest Fabric Etsy Shoppe.

While we are still in the process of moving ALL of the fabric to it’s new home, Abbi has taken over the Etsy Shoppe & renamed it “Feather Your Nest/a touch of fabric”

Remember me showing you what a home based Etsy Shoppe looked like?



Well…ALL of that fabric is moving to a new home.

How do you MOVE an Etsy Shoppe?

First, you need to count how much fabric there is.




Then, you need to CARRY said fabric to your car.



How much fabric can you get into your car??



This is what the car looked like today.  It was MUCH fuller 2 days ago.  🙂

It shouldn’t take us much longer to get the final bolt of fabric counted, but in the mean time, please visit Abbi @ “Feather Your Nest” & tell her I sent you!

~  robin 🙂

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